Film – Luka Chuppi Review

By Shaheen GowdaMar 1, 2019, 14:48 IST
Film – Luka Chuppi Review

Director – Laxman Utekar

Cast – Kartik Aryan, Kriti Sanon

Comedy is probably the toughest genre, miss a beat a joke can turn into a disaster, the good thing about Luka-Chuppi is that it doesn’t try to deliver punch-lines or generate comedy scenarios, it is organic! You laugh because you can relate and want to, though there is a sense of nutcase adventure in pursuit, the grammar of comedy is intact and the fresh small-time comic caper does make you giggle.

Luka Chuppi is a comedy with an underlying layer of dark satire and a social statement on moral policing and communal biases in small towns.

Loverboy Guddu, and wild cat Rashmi, two Mathura-based TV journalists, get hitched, fall in love and decide to give ‘live-in’ a chance before settling in permanently.

Film – Luka Chuppi Review

Kartik Aryan is endearingly guileless and eager to score, while Kriti Sanon is more worldly-wise and slightly annoying in her will to be the dominant partner. Together the couple is a scream.

Rashmi and Guddu along with Abbas decided to skip town and try their hands at “live-in” relationship. The love nest is soon discovered by the entire clan and duo is forced to act out they are married routine.

Vinay Pathak plays the role of Rashmi’s father, a self-appointed guardian of morality, who is always on a rampage. Actor Pankaj Tripathi rises above the grossly underwritten role of Guddu’s nosey brother-in-law Babulal. He provides the film’s fresh and hilarious moments. Alka Amin plays her part of hysterical and small-town mother perfectly well.

The sub-text of the film is subtle; it does take digs at tiresome rituals, hypocrisies and sanskari brigade, and religious bigotry.

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