A Plus Review: Actress Sangeetha rocks the show!

By Shaheen GowdaOct 5, 2018, 17:20 IST
A Plus Review: Actress Sangeetha rocks the show!

Here’s a replica movie called A+ which is made by the shishya (The Disciple) of the most talented actor and director Upendra. The film A+ also successfully follows every norm in which Upendra makes his movies.

A+ also reminds you a lot of the cult classic A. In fact, most of the time, the film gives you a heavy feeling of A.

A+ is about Sathya who is an aspiring film director and wants to make it big in film industry. Because of his adamant attitude, he does not gets an opportunity to prove himself as a director. The other track is of a pretty girl Yashaswini who is in love with Sathya but Sathya had been betrayed in the past and fails to acknowledge her love.

There are other multiple layered tracks in the film about how Sathya makes his film with all the debacles stretching his path.

A Plus Review: Actress Sangeetha rocks the show!

If i talk about performances, trust me Sangeetha is the next big thing in Kannada Industry to look forward to. She is the only saving grace in this film which otherwise looks a rehash of Upendra’s classic A. Sangeetha gives all the expressions right and deserves accolades for her act.

Anil Siddhu only and only imitates Upendra’s every expressions which he might have seen and studied before shooting this film.

Yes, Vijay Suryaa, as a Director has made a good effort and have brought a good film to the viewers. He should have inserted a little more effort in casting the Protagonist Sathya. Moreover, as Upendra’s Disciple, he has done full justice with A+ as a film.

I still stand on my words! Watch A+ for it’s honest effort and the leading lady Sangeetha and her wonderful performance!

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