Aadi Purana Review: An enjoyable Erotic Comedy!

By Shaheen GowdaOct 5, 2018, 15:19 IST
Aadi Purana Review: An enjoyable Erotic Comedy!

If we talk about Sex Comedies, let me assure you there is a different sector of market and audience for such films. Films like Aadi Purana sometimes go over-board in a way to please those sector of audience.

Aadi Purana gets successful in pleasing the audience of Sex Comedy genre with it’s treatment and dialogues.

Aditya lands a job with an MNC through campus placement but he has his own issues of not having a girlfriend. He hangs out with his friends and also he is a good worker at the office. His father decides to fix his marriage.

Aadi Purana Review: An enjoyable Erotic Comedy!

But even after his marriage, things doesn’t take a new turn for Aditya. There are customs and rituals that plays villain in Aditya’s life. Watching Porn, taking suggestions from Friends, reading sex magazines etc. His desires still remains unfulfilled.

Performance wise, there are some lovely performances from all the lead actors. Director Mohan Kamakshi succesfully churns out a film that entertains you and you go out of Cinema Halls with a smile.

The film is draggy in some part and those part could be easily had trimmed for a better watching run-time. But all said and done, Aadi Purana does not make a bore view.

Aadi Purana is a film which will tickle your funny bones right in terms of Erotic Comedy. Do give this film a try if you are looking for a change.

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