Ambi Ning Vayassaytho Review: A family Bible for all!

By Shaheen GowdaSep 28, 2018, 12:03 IST
Ambi Ning Vayassaytho Review: A family Bible for all!

What do the ‘Gods’ do? They make you feel happy! They make you cheer with joy! They make you cry! And later, they cuddle you in arms right? Rebel star Ambareesh and Kichcha Sudeep does exactly the same thing with Ambi Ning Vayassaytho!

There are films that comes and never lets you go from their memories. ANV is one such film which never refuses to leave your mind even after it’s concluded and you go out with a smile.

Who is Ambareesh? A retired stunt-man from film industry who was once powerful and now who knows he is living a life on the mercy. He is sad, but he shows he is happy because he has a son who is a family man. Who is Nandini? A woman who thinks she has left behind something much more than what she was not suppose to leave! A woman with shattered hopes and emotions.

And the ‘God’ Sudeep who is a Producer and father of this film decides to take Ambareesh on a Bike Journey to re-invent his life and to re-unite with Nandini!

I will take a privilege to salute Rebel Star Ambareesh and Kichcha Sudeep along with Suhasini Mani Ratnam and Sruthi Hariharan for their tremendous and true to life performances. No one could have done Ambareesh and Nandini better than these four master performers.

I will again take privilage to salute Kichcha Sudeep who went ahead and made this film come true. There are really very few actors who dares such attempt! And namma Abhinaya Chakravarthy is one of them.

I will seriously not mention anything about the film being a remake of Tamil film Paa Pandi because i have seen Paa Pandi and ANV is totally fresh and different with it’s feelings and emotions.

Gurudutta Ganiga has made a lovely debut with everything right on his laps. Be it Music, Camera work or Production Values!

ANV is not only a Film. But it also a Family Bible which is a must read for all. Go take your family and watch this extra-ordinary film as you are about to watch this year’s most lovely story unfolding in the form of cinema.

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