Andhadhun Review: A Modern Retelling of the Boy Who Cried Wolf 3.5

By desk2Oct 6, 2018, 09:20 IST
Andhadhun Review: A Modern Retelling of the Boy Who Cried Wolf 3.5

We have heard this story in our childhood – there was a shepherd boy who’d falsely claim that a pack of wolves was attacking his sheep. The neighbors would come running to save him and his sheep, only to walk away first tickled and finally angry, until one day, a pack of wolves actually attack the shepherd. In this modern retelling, Khurrana plays a man who plays blind  – for reasons best known to him – but things take a turn for the worst when he becomes the eye witness for a murder of passion.

Ayushmann Khurrana plays Aakash, a musician who makes money by giving piano tuition. A chance meeting with Sofie, the daughter of one of the biggest club owners in Pune latches him a job. Soon, he becomes locally popular and catches the eye of Pramod Sinha, a yesteryear star who lives with his much younger wife Simi. Aakash’s life takes another turn when Pramod calls Ayushmann home for a private concert on the occasion of his wedding anniversary.

Andhadhun is a decent comic caper that’s fresh because of various aspects. First, it’s set in Pune and not in Gurgaon, Mumbai, or any of those done to death places. Secondly, Ayushhmann Khurrana is amazing as the man who switches from faking blind to the normal guy that he is. Radhika Apte is somewhat of a cameo as his once girlfriend. Tabu and Manav Vij are amazing in their roles.

Andhadhun is a decent watch and a good addition against all the masala stuff that Bollywood spews off. The film is in the flavor of the Saif Ali Khan classic Being Cyrus. So, watch this one.

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