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The youthful folks set out for a night of fun. They wake up to find the dead body of a young lady in their parlor. This makes them prime suspects in the homicide. Will they figure out how to disentangle what truly occurred?

Tipsy stories that include a homicide and a foggy memory of what truly happened is by all accounts a storyline that is oft supported by movie producers attempting to feature a story for the gen now. Aftereffect, as the title proposes, is additionally one such. Shockingly, the story does not have any punch and the turns are somewhat ordinary to try and bring out any feeling of interest towards the plot.

What guarantees the film sinks considerably further down is the unprofessional acting of the lead cast. The vast majority of them come up short on the essential feelings and appear to discuss exchanges with no conviction. The film is well under two hours, however the dull storyline and the defective acting makes one feel like the film doesn’t appear to end. There are not really any recovering components to the film. Hazard watching it just on the off chance that you should.

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