Iruvudellava Bittu Review: a True-to-Life film

By Shaheen GowdaSep 21, 2018, 16:22 IST
Iruvudellava Bittu Review: a True-to-Life film

After i have watched Iruvudellava Bittu, I would like to concentrate more on the part of characters which we surely come across in our day-to-day lives. And those certain characters makes this film a worth-watching!

I mention honestly about Meghana Raj and her performance that will surely blow your mind in the film.

The film’s story is very simple where Purvi is into a living-in relationship with Dev. But Purvi hhave some ambitions and she is working hard. She hates her relatives somehow. Things start to go messy in Purvi’s life where she comes to a drastic point because of her Ego and that’s where Akash comes in and a reformation takes place.

The film belongs to characters and the actors performing their parts.

Meghana Raj is simply terrific as Purvi and she carries her transformation of her character with finesse! Purvi’s character is a kind of a tough act to be done, but Meghana brings Life to this character where you literally love and hate Purvi!

Iruvudellava Bittu Review: a True-to-Life film

I personally saw Jennifer Anniston in Meghana Raj in many of the scenes and believe me, she was so amazing.

Thilak Shekar and Shri Mahadev were a treat to watch! Both of them performed their part so naturally that you have to see the film to believe it.

Director Kantha Kannalli has done full justice to the screenplay and has executed a wonderful film about the present scenario of career-oriented souls of today.

The camerawork, production value and music are of course a high-light of the movie. There are few slow moments in the film, but those slow moments go in a subtle way of the film’s narration.

Definitely make sure you watch Iruvudellava Bituu for an amazing take on a TrueTo-Life drama which will make you think about present life style!

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