Kaarni Review: Shameless copy of Mike Flanagan’s Hush

By Shaheen GowdaSep 15, 2018, 00:34 IST
Kaarni Review: Shameless copy of Mike Flanagan’s Hush

Before starting this Review, i have a question; Can you re-build the exact monument of Taj Mahal somewhere in Basaveshwara Nagar (Bengaluru) or Gokulam (Mysuru) without permission? No, right? So why copy a Film? That too a whole crux of a speech impaired Novelist alone in the house and a Psychopath attacking?

Do you think we are so moron that we haven’t watched Hush? It’s available on YouTube for Free! I pity the Producers who invested in this film.

Kaarni is about A novelist (Duniya Rashmi) who is speech-impaired and writing her next work. Meanwhile, there is a psychotic killer on the loose who is targeting a particular set of people (Lol! This change in the story was included to avoid copyright infringement, may be). How does she manage to escape safely when the Psycho Killer is outside her house to kill her, is the rest of the story.

Performance wise, Duniya Rashmi is amazing in whatever she does in the film. Other actors too did their bit very good. But the main issue with Kaarni is, the original version is available very easily and most of us has seen the film.

Kaarni Review: Shameless copy of Mike Flanagan’s Hush

Director Vini is no unique, there are other Film makers too from various parts of India who are making Hush in their own way.

Technically, the film has flaws especially the Camera Work gives shoddy and Video look. Music and Production values are avoidable. The entire investigation track, which i am sure was added either to bring change in the script or to avoid Copyright Infringement, was boring.

Better go online and watch the original Hush instead of watching Vini’s Kaarni. If you watch Kaarni first, may god be with you. My heart goes out to the Critics who didn’t see the original Hush and gave positive reviews to this one! Lol (Again).

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