Kannada Deshadol Review: Bad Cinematography with equally Bad Film

By Shaheen GowdaNov 2, 2018, 03:10 IST
Kannada Deshadol Review: Bad Cinematography with equally Bad Film

And then, there are films which is ruined by Bad, i mean literally Bad Cinematography! But Kannada Deshadol goes one step further! The Camera Work shows the Actors and Locations so bad, that it really hurts your eyes. The so called Genius cameraman is called Sharath Kumar G who doesn’t even know the framing parameters, i guess.

As a film, Kannada Deshadol goes very much over-board and with some uninteresting situations in the name of ‘Tribute to Karnataka’.

The movie talks about the mystery surrounding Kannada Deshadol palm leaf manuscript that is discovered when a minister performs a ceremony on Karnataka Rajyothsava day.

The film also talks about a foreign couple who boards an auto rickshaw to explore Karnataka. The woman goes missing under mysterious circumstances and police starts an investigation.

Performance wise, all the actors have performed good with whatever parts they had. But the camera work ruins their performances to the core.

Technically, the films (As i wrote earlier) goes over-board in story-telling. The duration of the film too is very boring. Avoid this one at all cost!

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