Kinaare Review: a Beautiful painting

By Shaheen GowdaSep 29, 2018, 09:08 IST
Kinaare Review: a Beautiful painting

Why i used the word ‘Painting’ is because director Devaraj Poojary not only tells a beautiful love story, but also successfully paints it on the screen. Of course i will give full marks to Cinematographer Abishek G Kasaragod.

Kinaare tells a simple love story in a very astonishing way where Meera meets Ranga and they both fall in love with a Village Election as it’s backdrop. Yes, there are villains who doesn’t approve of their love and things go in a nasty way.

Performance wise, all the actors are rock solid in their respective parts. Sathish Raj, Gowthami Jadhav and i would give special mention to Apeksha Purohit Wadeyar who sparks in her part.

The beauty of the film is not only the story, but as i mentioned earlier, the camera work. The cinematography of the film keeps your eyes glued to the screen.

Devaraj Poojary as a film maker has done a wonderful job in making this simple love story extra-ordinary by using his technical brilliance. The Production values and Music are a plus.

I will recommend Kinare for everyone who are looking for a good love story with some lovely performances and an entertainment value relief.

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