Mane No 67 Review: Go Torture your Soul!

By Shaheen GowdaSep 21, 2018, 16:15 IST
Mane No 67 Review: Go Torture your Soul!

Yes! I swear, they still make movies like Mane No 67 where an actor is performing as if he/she thinks will win an Oscar! A Film maker while directing thinks he is the answer to Steven Spielberg! A writer who writes films such as Mane No 67 thinks he is writing a film which is better version of The Exorcist.

The biggest problem is; when you (As a Critic) points out their mistakes, the Film maker or the crew will troll you on your social media handles with typical lines such as “Make one film and show us”, “This is how you support namma Kannada Cinema?” etc.

I still have my same question though.. You make craps like Mane No 67 and you think you are taking namma Kannada Cinema to the next level? You need to wake up from that bad dream immediately in that case!

Mane No 67 Review: Go Torture your Soul!

What is the Story? Hell man! They all have the same story.. A man moves into a house and that house is haunted! Why and how that house is haunted? You (Audience) are the better story teller than the makers.

Mane No 67 is filled with stupid performances you don’t want to see even in your weirdest dream. Technically, the film looks like a Wedding Video Tape we used to see back in 90s.

I give you two options here! Either save your self from Mane No 67? Or go watch Mane No 67 and torture your soul. The choice is yours!

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