MLA Review: Not a Bad Film

By Shaheen GowdaNov 10, 2018, 07:09 IST
MLA Review: Not a Bad Film

You must have seen certain films in the past where an innocent and honest man taking over the corrupt political system by storm. MLA is yet-another film that tells you the same story, but in a different way.

In MLA we see an honest activist Pratham who is tired and irritated by the corrupt political system all around him. To make the matter worse, he is in love with the Politician’s (Sparsha Rekha) daughter.

How he challenges the Politician and tries to take the system in his hands is the rest of the film.

Performance wise, Pratham stands out in his role and gives the perfect expressions for required scenes. Sonal Monteiro is also very good in her role. The actress to look forward to is none other but Sparsha Rekha. You have to see her to believe her amazing performance.

Director Manju Maurya makes a good film with whatever he had and executes some lovely performances from the actors. The Production Values and Camera Work, however is little disappointing at times.

If MLA is not ‘The Best’ film, it is also not a bad film at all. Leaving aside some dragging moments in the film, MLA will surely not disappoint you!

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