Naduve Antaravirali Review: A Heart-Touching film!

By Shaheen GowdaOct 5, 2018, 18:59 IST
Naduve Antaravirali Review: A Heart-Touching film!

There are few films that are made which refuses to go away from your hearts! Naduve Antaravirali is one such film which stays with you forever.

The film is a remake of a Tamil film and i am putting this very clear, Naduve Antaravirali, the Kannada version is filled with apt emotions and drama which was needed.

The film tells the story of Sanjay and Nithya who fall in love despite the oppositions. Their love story which was going along very well hits a turmoil when the two of them get overcome by their emotions and passion. Their love is tested and illustrated in a form which the couple never imagined.

Naduve Antaravirali Review: A Heart-Touching film!

The film also allows a strong message for today’s youth who takes the word ‘Love’ in a very easy and less troubled way.

The performances of every actor is wonderful and authentic enough which gels very well with the film. Music and Production Values are good along with a lovely Cinematography.

Director Raveen Kumara understands the depth of the story and screenplay and gives a beautiful film which the audience today needs.

I will surely recommend Naduve Antaravirali to everyone who is looking for a fresh love story with some powerful message inserted in it. Do watch the film as it will surely won’t disappoint you.

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