From-Balkani Review: Worth watching for Sheethal Shetty

By Shaheen GowdaSep 7, 2018, 22:26 IST Review: Worth watching for Sheethal Shetty

Alright, let me be honest here by saying Sheethal Shetty does exactly what Kangana Ranaut did in Queen or what the Hollywood actresses does back in Hollywood.

The point is, Sheethal has already done films, but this one is her major one and she leaves no stone un-turned as far as her performance goes.

The film has a simple story to tell here. Bhagya (Sheethal Shetty) is a girl born in a lower middle-class family and has seen so many men for an arranged alliance, but is still unmarried. She decides to take matters into her own hands and the chaos follows.

I know you all are very intelligent enough to understand what will be the crux and outcome of the film. But believe me, the film has much more to offer in terms of a woman’s journey to find his right match, which she does. Review: Worth watching for Sheethal Shetty

Director Rakesh has handled the film pretty well and has executed the screenplay in a very good manner. The camera work, production values and music of the film is good and gels with the screenplay.

If i talk about performances, Sheethal Shetty steals the show and she takes away the cake walk. Rest of the other actors are fantastic as well.

There is a little dragging in the second half, but over all, is surely a film which will make you happy and Sheethal Shetty will give you a smile on your face, even after you have walked out of the Cinema Halls. Recommended!

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