Rudrakshipura and Minus 3 Plus 1 are double tortures!

By Shaheen GowdaOct 29, 2018, 01:15 IST
Rudrakshipura and Minus 3 Plus 1 are double tortures!

For the first time in the history of Indian or (May be) world cinema, a Film Critic (Which is obviously me) is giving you two film’s review in a one Article! Like, how you buy a Refrigerator and you get ‘Ice Trays’ for free? Same way!

Do you understand the gravity of Torture i went through while watching these two films in Cinema Hall back to back? I was about to publish this Review on Friday itself, but no! It took me three good days to over-come these two film’s torture.

While i write this review, i am still under prescribed medication of Anti Depressant pills. On a serious note, May God Save Kannada Cinema!

I will start with Rudrakshipura (May God Save Kannada Cinema!) which tells the story of a Don who possess a diamond. The diamond is red! Don’t even think of trying to finding out, why the diamond is red.

The don crosses his path with five small time crooks (May God Save Kannada Cinema!).

Rudrakshipura is loaded with over acting and abusive camera work and some low budgeted production values. Hats off to the Director who convinced ‘Someone’ to invest in this film and that ‘Someone’ believed and invested his money (May God Save Kannada Cinema!).

Let’s review another master-piece which will torture you to the core, Minus 3 Plus 1, which tells the story of Abhi who falls in love with his Employer’s daughter Sasya. And yes, whoever keeps a bad eye on Sasya, uncle Abhi won’t spare! (May God Save Kannada Cinema!).

Again! Bad Camera work with stupid performances. Kindergarten story which faded years back. Bad production values and funny execution from the director. (May God Save Kannada Cinema!).

Rudrakshipura and Minus 3 Plus 1 are two films which could be very useful to you. If you have any Enemy, do not Kill him/her or Hurt him/her, show them these two films! Your Job is done.

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