The Terrorist Review: A perfect Knock-Out!

By Shaheen GowdaOct 18, 2018, 15:41 IST
The Terrorist Review: A perfect Knock-Out!

We have seen and witnessed many movies which talks about Terrorism! What makes Ragini Dwivedi’s The Terrorist unique is it’s screenplay and performance. Yes, the film is very unique when it comes to narrate a tale about a woman who takes on the system of extremists.

The film stands unique again, when it comes to narrate a tale of two sisters. The film is unique one more time when it talks about the real terrorism.

The Terrorist narrates the tale of Reshma and Asma, who are two sisters living along. Yes, they have recently lost all other family. Reshma has taken herself the responsibility to ensure her sister is well cared for. And then comes a drastic change in the atmosphere suddenly when Reshma receives an anonymous caller who has kidnapped her younger sister.

What you witness after this, is far beyond your expectations in terms of how Reshma tackles every situation step by step.

The Terrorist Review: A perfect Knock-Out!

Performance wise, Ragini Dwivedi steals the show and gives you a shock of your life with her mind blowing performance. Ragini Dwivedi proves she is more than just a glamorous actress. Her expressions and persona makes you believe that this actress can perform Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie at the same time.

In short, namma mass queen Ragini Dwivedi gives a National Award winning act this time.

Director PC Shekhar executes The Terrorist in the best way possible. The film shows and portrays the hard work of PC Shekhar as a Film maker. Hats off to the maker!

The Background score, production value and camera work gels very good with the entire screenplay.

The Terrorist as a film is Highly Recommended! Go watch the film for a different yet a unique take on Terrorism and the message it gives.

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