The Villain Review: Mr Prem, stop fooling people in the name of Films!

By Shaheen GowdaOct 18, 2018, 13:53 IST
The Villain Review: Mr Prem, stop fooling people in the name of Films!

The most anticipated and the most awaited Kannada Cinema’s mega budget film The Villain hits the Cinema halls today all over Karnataka. As an excited Dr Shivarajkumar and Kichcha Sudeep fan, i stayed awake to watch this disappointment on the screen for an early morning show.

This will be the first ever review in which i will be mixing up some audience Tweet Reviews which was posted and still available on Twitter since morning.

The Villain is a very simple story about a Gangster re-uniting with his mother after a long time. But the story is told in a stretch and most confusing way, that at the end of the film, you get the feeling of watching a melo-drama TV serial that doesn’t want to end.

The story is about a tragedy hitting a couple where the husband who is known to play Ravana on screen and his Rama-worshipping wife and their son who is confused whose ideologies work better. The son is brain-mapped that in today’s world, Rama’s discipline and dedication is not enough, but also Ravana’s tact. This sets the tone for the film.

The Villain Review: Mr Prem, stop fooling people in the name of Films!

The Twitter is majorly filled with most of the Negative Reviews from the people who watched the early morning shows (Just like myself). There are people comparing The Villain with Jogi by calling Jogi the best work. Surprisingly, people in the cinema hall also called The Villain, a fresh version of Sanjay Dutt-Jackie Shroff starrer Khal Naayak.

Performance wise, Dr Shivaraj Kumar and Kichcha Sudeep are magnificent in their part. However, if i calculate the film’s timing, Shivraj Kumar’s role can be easily treated as a Guest Appearance. Amy Jackson purely looked misfit and wasted. Other actors too did good in their respective part.

Technically, the film had everything good but the story was poorly executed with a dragging run-time of nearly 3 hours. I personally saw people yawning in the second hour, especially on the Mother-Son sentiment scenes.

I think, i now realize the reason why the makers never showed a Theatrical Trailer of the film till date! Why this film was not simultaneously released in the other languages! Why the price of the movie tickets were hiked!

Director Prem is successful in fooling the audience in the name of Big Stars! Special mention to him. The Loss Facing authorities here would be the one who bought this film with a huge price tag! My heart goes out to them as they will have to struggle to recover the paid amount.

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