Trataka is a very stylized Thriller! Watch it

By Shaheen GowdaAug 31, 2018, 15:52 IST
Trataka is a very stylized Thriller! Watch it

The entire credit goes to the maker Shiva Ganesh because Trataka looks awesome when it comes to styling and story-narration. For a while, i just forgot that Trataka is a Kannada Film. It gave me a feeling of a Korean Cinema.

Trataka is a story about an ACP who suffers from Complex Partial Seizure. His brother is murdered. He has two close friends and a love interest who are helping him in finding the killer. The film has loads of blood and goriness attached to it.

The investigation part in the film is slick and well narrated. The film does have it’s flaws but those flaws are avoidable as the film moves in such a grip, which makes you sit at the edge of your seats.

Performance wise, all the actors in their parts are simply terrific. The camera work is awesome and gives you an international feel on the screen. The production values are good. The Background score gels up with the film’s narration. The songs of the film are good, but somewhere the story narration gets interrupted.

But all said and done, Trataka is a film you should not miss for sure. Especially for it’s style and wonderful story-telling.

If you are a fan of Murder-Mystery thriller with a fast-paced stylized film, believe me Trataka is your cup of tea. Surely, go and watch Trataka.

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