Tumbbad Review: A Fantastic Piece of Fantasy

By desk2Oct 13, 2018, 08:59 IST
Tumbbad Review: A Fantastic Piece of Fantasy

Indian directors do rural horror well. Industry pundits will tell you that producers look for rural horror because its low budget and the turn around time is good. So, when Tumbbad came up with its well made trailer, it did create an interest in the audience’s mind. Indian audiences who like horror are going through a great time. First came Pari, then came Stree and now comes Tumbbad, all films that have decided to change the very face of Bollywood horror.

Tumbadd’s premise is so fresh and new that it’s half the battle won. A young man, who’s family is the caretaker of a family treasure returns to his ancestral house, and decides to steal the treasure. Only problem, his grandmother, who has become a supernatural entity guards the treasure.

Tumbadd, as the promos show, is a dark film. It’s difficult to add beauty to a dark, dreary background, but the Tumbadd makers do it well. Full marks for the CGI and the make-up department. After a long time, the much vilified horror graphics and make up department in India has done it well.

Performances bring out the eerie factor in the story, with Sohum Shah standing tall. Director Anand Gandhi does a good job of bringing the story to the big screen.

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