U Turn Review: Watch this one for amazing Samantha Akkineni

By Shaheen GowdaSep 15, 2018, 03:13 IST
U Turn Review: Watch this one for amazing Samantha Akkineni

This was the film which took Kannada Horrors on to a very next level. Sandalwood cinema stood up with applauds and welcomed this film and it’s director Pawan Kumar with open arms!

U Turn comes back in Telugu as a remake with a very slight change in it’s theme, but it surely keeps you engrossed with it’s edge-of-the-seat plot and mesmerizing performance by Samantha Akkineni.

The film tells the story of a reporter Rachna who is investigating traffic violations on a flyover, and finds herself as the suspect of a murder investigation. As she tries to prove her innocence with the help of a Police Officer, they uncover a series of mysterious deaths which are related to the flyover.

As i  mentioned earlier, such stories relies on two major facts. Screenplay and performances. If you have them both right as a maker, you are surely successful. And director Pawan Kumar has both the ingredients perfect in U Turn.

Samantha Akkineni performs like a ‘Legend’. I am not giving this word ‘Legend’ like toffees and chocolates, you have to see the film to believe this word. Samantha has all her expressions right and accurate! She feels the character and lives with it.

Other actors too does full justice to their respective parts. Technically, the film is very good but few dull moments in the first half.

Definitely, make sure to watch the film U Turn for Samantha Akkineni and the unique story-telling woven behind.

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