Uddishya is a torture from our HeMan

By Shaheen GowdaAug 31, 2018, 15:46 IST
Uddishya is a torture from our HeMan

The tagline of Uddishya Movie posters say ‘I Want What I Want’. Yes, this is actually a statement from HeMan, the Producer, Director, Actor, Creator of the film Uddishya. He wants to Torture you with his movie Uddishya.

Uddishya is a near-to-death experience for those who enter the Cinema-Halls to watch this film. Trust me, Kerala floods are nothing in compare to this movie which will haunt you for years.

The film is about a Murder which takes place and a detective (HeMan) is assigned to solve it.

The film which is touted as a Murder-Mystery, automatically becomes a comedy film with the performance of the next-gen Oscar contender HeMan the future superstar! I really have no clue how uncle HeMan was convinced that he is an Actor and a Hero material, but whoever convinced him, deserves applauds.

Uddishya is a torture from our HeMan

The makers (HeMan-the future Superstar) also claimed this film to be written by a Hollywood Writer! Hollywood writer? Really? Anyone who lives in US and has written few scripts can become a Hollywood writer? Kindly understand simple logistics, even if Steven Spielberg writes your film, it doesn’t mean he will write a good content always. Plus it makes a vast difference when it comes to Casting and especially executing that given script.

The film’s poster also shows leaf’s of Film Festivals. The Film Festivals majorly depends on the Subtitles when it comes to a foreign language cinema. If the Subtitles are hard-hitting, they are dumb enough to know what is going on inside the film!

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