Victory 2 Review: Sharan steals the show!

By Shaheen GowdaNov 2, 2018, 03:03 IST
Victory 2 Review: Sharan steals the show!

This is undoubtedly cannot be denied that when it comes to Sharan, there are sector of audience who loves him to the core. Why? Watch Victory 2 and see the actor’s versatility in it to believe.

Victory 2 is again a simple-yet-confusing comedy which provides laughter to the core. Munna (Sharan) along with his Mama (P Ravishankar) plans to rob a house which is full of gangsters. Chandru (Sharan) is (Not) happily married and saves an underworld don Dawood Hussain (Nassar) unknowingly.

Dawood Hussain’s son Salim (Sharan) is in Jail serving death penalty. Dawood hatches an opportunity of Chandru going to Jail and making Salim run away!

This whole case is handled by none other, but Sadhu Gowda (Sadhu Kokila).

Victory 2 Review: Sharan steals the show!

Performance wise, as i wrote earlier, Sharan steals the show with his performance which will leave you in splits. By his acting and mannerism (Especially playing Chandramukhi), Sharan proves that he can do justice to any role at any given time (Be it a Woman). P Ravishankar is equally amazing as Mama and Nagavalli. His expressions in the act of Nagavalli are truely terrific. Sadhu Kokila also performs his part amazingly.

Again, one cannot deny, the film belongs to all these amazing actors and their comic timings.

Special Mention to the Parody Song sequence where Sharan and P Ravishankar performs the Songs in front of Dawood Hussain. I am very much sure, you will give a standing ovation there.

Technically, Hari Santhosh does a tremendous job as a Director. He succeeds in extracting the right scenes and the perfect performances from all the actors. The film does drags in the first and the second hour, especially in the scenes of Salim.

Victory 2 is a film which you can watch with your family as a Vacation. Especially for the mind-blowing Sharan, i will highly recommend Victory 2.

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