Yash knocks it out for the park in KGF Chapter 1 and set the premise for the second installment.

By Shaheen GowdaDec 21, 2018, 20:30 IST
Yash knocks it out for the park in KGF Chapter 1 and set the premise for the second installment.

Helmed by Prashanth Neel, Kolar Gold Field Chapter 1 delivers as promised. Starring Yash in the lead, the epic saga is the most visually stunning movie coming out of Kannada Industry. The film has a fast-paced first half, but the second half and the climax sets up the right premise for the second part of the film.

Street dweller Rocky is an ultra-ambitious boy, who wants nothing but power and money in his life. The little courageous and wild kid embarks on a journey from the streets of Bombay to the fields of KGF, and his tale is being retold by a journalist who chronicled his life in the 1980s.

The screenplay is engaging and gripping. The non-linear pattern keeps the viewers engaged, with the growth of Rocky being shown in a steady fashion. Needless to say, some of the dialogues and scenes are put in just for masses to get a cheer, but the overall film has maintained a clever storytelling pattern. The film traverses from 1951 to 2018, while maintaining a sense of curiosity as each character is unveiled.

The cinematography and art direction of the film is edgy and lace it with authentic locations, the movie is visually stunning! From the dark dreary world in KGF to the more glitzy nightlife scenes in Bangalore, everything is in right place with the right amount of glitter.

Kannada star Yash, who plays Rocky, lives his character to the fullest and his screen presence definitely has the viewers cheering alongside him. The ensemble cast plays their respective parts, with each of them playing minor building blocks in setting up Rocky’s character.

The narrative in the first part builds the character of Rocky as the maverick mastermind who will not stop for anything until he reaches his mission. KGF surely seems to have delivered what it set to achieve.

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