For Padma Shivamogga, her first love is ‘Acting’!

By Shaheen GowdaNov 3, 2018, 01:16 IST
For Padma Shivamogga, her first love is ‘Acting’!

From Sandalwood’s Top star to the smallest technician, everyone is aware of this gentle and kind-heart lady Padma Shivamogga. What makes Padma versatile? Well, to begin with, she is a Journalist, Actress and a caring Mother! And she takes all these three responsibilities with finesse. “It is actually very Difficult to handle, but a woman is always capable enough to handle multi-tasking responsibilities“. says Padma Shivamogga. And these lines, makes this lady a ‘Versatile’ automatically.

Padma talks about her Journey one-on-one with Faisal Saif where she says “From my college days i wanted to become a Journalist. After finishing my college, i did the diploma course on Journalism and came to Bangalore and joined E Sanje. But simultaneously, i had a passion for Acting as well. That too from my school days. I used to perform Theater, Stage Plays“.

I started doing more Theaters and Plays which were popular just to make myself ready after i rejected a big film. After i left E Sanje, i also did freelancing for many media. I worked as RJ for All India Radio and also i did anchoring for Doordarshana for more than 400 Live Interviews. I also started making Documentaries. In short, from Production to Reporting to Anchoring, i did every job in Media“. says Padma with a proud smile.

For Padma Shivamogga, her first love is ‘Acting’!

As a Journalist, Padma says “The toughest Job in Journalism is when you are interested in doing a story or an Article, and when you feel like you want to chase that Article, there would be some source from the Media Head or Publishing House which will come in between you to stop it. Why? Because at that time, the Media or the Publishing House would be searching some other stories? Or may be they look for some extra-ordinary TRP’s? There is no Challenge for an Entertainment Journalist i feel“.

For her ultimate goal, Padma sweetly says “My main goal is doing different roles as an Actor. I want to do roles which reflects women in our society. Acting is my first love and it will always be. There are so many interesting stories in our society. I also want to direct movies with such interesting stories from our society“.

Padma also has a piece of advise to all the upcoming actresses where she says “Don’t jump yourselves to different tasks. If your passion is about Acting, stay honest to it. Follow your Acting passion honestly without losing hopes, and the opportunity will automatically arrive“.

Also to the present scenario of Film making, Padma signs off by saying “Watch Dr Rajkumar’s Cinema properly. Every film of Dr Rajkumar had Story in it. His Cinema has everything. Take lessons from Dr Rajkumar’s films if you really want to change Kannada Cinema. Cinema is not about Entertainment, it is also a Mirror of Society“.

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