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Astrological guidance by a friend will encourage you to improve your health. Certain important plans will be executed bringing you fresh financial gains. News of matrimonial alliance of sister would make you happy. You are likely to feel some sadness as you think about separating from her. But you need to enjoy the present without caring for the future. Time, work, money, friends, family, relatives; all on one side, and you with your partner will be on the other side today, all into each other. An increase in responsibility seems likely on the professional front. Boundless creativity and enthusiasm lead you to another beneficial day. Life becomes really mesmerizing when your partner is really awesome, you are going to experience it today.

Remedy:- Fill a mixture of roasted flour, unrefined sugar crystals, and powdered refined sugar in a dry coconut and bury this in an isolated spot accessible to black ants looking for food. This will ensure the continued expansion of your business and career.


Your fondest dream will materialize. But keep your excitement under control as too much happiness may cause some problems. Financial hassles will be eased out with the help of your friends. Do not be erratic in your behavior-especially with your spouse-otherwise it may mar the peace at home. Exciting day as you receive gifts/presents from your beloved. It looks as if you're on your own for a while-colleagues/ associates may come to your aid- but will not be able to provide much assistance. Repeating things in life that are no longer important isn't the right thing to do. By doing this, you are just wasting your time. Do you think that married life is all about compromises? If yes, you will know today that it's the best thing ever happened to you.

Remedy:- Repairing old and torn books at home will make family life memorable.


You misunderstand with a friend may invite some unpleasant reaction-get a balanced view before passing any judgment. You will possess a considerable amount of money today, and with it, there will be peace of mind. Friends will be more supportive than you might expect. Don't indulge in eve-teasing today. Not a good day to invite your boss and seniors over to your place. After completing household chores, housewives of this zodiac sign can watch a movie on TV or get engaged in their mobile phones in the free time today. Your spouse might get a little bit hurt by knowing a secret from your past today.

Remedy:- Worship Lord Bhairava for excellent health.


Some physical changes that you do today will definitely enhance your looks. You are very likely to attain monetary benefits from your mother's side today. It is possible for your maternal uncle or maternal grandfather to help you financially. Spend some quality time in the company of people who love and care for you. Your gloomy life may give tension to your spouse. Any of your competitors at the workplace can conspire against you today, which is why you need to remain alert and work with caution. You can spend most of your time sleeping at home. However, you'll come to realize the importance of time in the evening. The behavior of your spouse might disturb your professional relations today.

Remedy:- Maintain harmony with your lover by serving grandparents and the elderly.


Friends supportive and will keep you happy. Today financial losses seem likely if you invest in the words of others. Visiting guests occupy your evenings. Your limitless love is very valuable for your beloved. Don't mix business with pleasure. Today, you won't feel like getting up from your bed and will act lazily. However, later on, you'll realize the worth of time and how you've wasted it by doing nothing. Your spouse will remind you of the time of your teenage today along with some notorious stuff.

Remedy:- Donating Laddoos to the economically deprived people after offering it at Lord Ganesha temple will help in creating a sound financial status.


Sheer pleasure and enjoyment for those venturing out to have fun. Wishes will be fulfilled as blessings and good fortune comes your way- and as hard work of the previous days brings results. Be cautious of friends and strangers alike. Chances of someone proposing on the cards. You are likely to gain- if you present your ideas well and show your determination and enthusiasm at work. Today, you can spend a whole day by yourself in a room reading a book. That would be your perfect idea of spending a day together. You and your spouse might get wonderful news today.

Remedy:- Store water in a yellow-colored glass bottle, keep in in Sun and drink it for contentment in family life.


Sheer pleasure and enjoyment for you- as you set about to enjoy life to the fullest. Don't make investments in haste-Losses are certain if you don't look at investments from all possible angles. Some of you are likely to purchase jewelry or a home appliance. Sky will look brighter, flowers will seem more colorful, everything will shimmer around you; because you are in love! Bold steps and decisions would bring favorable rewards. Today, to make good use of the free time you have on your hand, you can plan to meet your old friends. Things might come into your favor amazingly when it comes to your married life.

Remedy:- Offer milk to banyan or neem tree, and apply a tilak of the soil of the tree on your forehead. This will empower your economic condition.


Involve yourself in paying some sport as it is the secret of perpetual youth. Long pending arrears and dues will finally be recovered. Good time for entering a matrimonial alliance. You will have to forget the beloved as you confront realities. Support from seniors as well as colleagues at the workplace lifts your morale. You will want to devote your free time tending your mother's needs, but won't be able to do so due to something urgent coming up. This can trouble you. The difference in views might create an argument between you and your partner today.

Remedy:- Memorable love life can be achieved by eating honey before meeting your girlfriend/boyfriend.


Cataract patients should avoid visiting a polluted environment as smoking could cause further damage to your eyes. If possible avoid overexposure to sunlight. Visiting the house of close relatives can add to your financial troubles. Your dominating attitude towards your family members will only start useless arguments and can bring criticism. Your energy levels will be high- as your beloved seems to bring you immense happiness. Traders of this sign can get into trouble today due to the wrong advice given by a close friend. Today, working natives need to remain careful at the workplace. Students are advised not to waste their time going around with friends and hanging out. This is the peak of their career where they must study and move forward in life. Today, you will get to spend the best evening of your life with your spouse.

Remedy:- Worship a picture/idol of Goddess Durga (Simhavahini; riding a lion) for stable economic conditions.


Smile as it is the best antidote for all your problems. By spending money on essential household items, you will definitely face financial distress today, but this will save you from any future troubles. Great day when you would receive all the attention you want- you would have many things lined up and you would have problems in deciding which ones to follow. Exciting day as you receive a call from your beloved. Adapt to new techniques to increase your work efficiency-Your style and unique ways of doing things will interest people who are watching you closely. You can waste your free time today surfing on mobile or watching TV. Seeing this can annoy your spouse, as you will not show any interest in talking to them. Today, you will get to spend the best evening of your life with your spouse.

Remedy:- Good financial status will be gained by maintaining a good moral character.


Some physical changes that you do today will definitely enhance your looks. Any advice from your father can prove to be beneficial in the workplace. Get together with family or close friends to make it an excellent day. Difficult to kill your time without beloved. Think twice before you take on any new project. Realizing the fragility of time, you will like to spend your time in solitude away from everyone. It would also be beneficial for you to do so. Your spouse might doubt your loyalty due to your hectic schedule, but at the end of the day, he/she will understand and give you a hug.

Remedy:- Before heading to work, eat saffron-based food items for auspicious professional life.


A day when a smile will perpetually be on your face and strangers will seem familiar. Economically, today is going to be a mixed day. You can acquire monetary profits today, provided you word really hard. Domestic life will be peaceful and adorable Love is just like spring; flowers, air, sunshine, butterflies. You will feel the romantic tickle today. Successful day for those in the creative fields as they receive long-awaited fame and recognition. Excessive use of TV or Mobile can result in wastage of time. Your life looks really wonderful in terms of marriage today.

Remedy:- Offer red flowers to Sun God in the morning for a greater inflow of money.

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