Dayal Padmanabhan talks about Ondalla Eradalla issue

By Shaheen GowdaAug 29, 2018, 07:49 IST
Dayal Padmanabhan talks about Ondalla Eradalla issue

Emerging Film maker, D Satya Prakash’s Ondalla Eradalla got released this week and suddenly the shows of the film were cancelled at many Cinemas. And now we hear sources claiming Ondalla Eradalla is now back in Cinema halls and has been playing in some 50 and more screens.

Film maker Dayal Padmanabhan shared his point of view. As the maker’s own film Aa Karaala Ratri faced some similar problem where the film was doing good at the Box Office, and suddenly due to the other Languages lined-up films, Aa Karaala Ratri was stopped. “Regarding Ondalla Eradalla, i feel very sad for the director and producer and it is definitely the Digital Providers fault”. said Dayal Padmanabhan.

Elaborating further, Dayal inserts “A film is like a Girl Child to every maker. In my case, till my girl has not reached her in laws and settle down, i do not take rest. To be precise, i will go and stand with the Digital Provider (After paying all the charges) and see it with my own eyes about the film getting uploaded and ready to release”.

The producer of Ondalla Eradalla, S Umapathy claimed they had uploaded Ondalla Eradalla some 10 days before the film’s release date.

As the current scenario of Kannada Cinema goes, we witness 7 to 8 Kannada films releasing every new week. To add more, we witness other languages films that get released as well. To sum it up all, there are 15 to 20 films releasing per week, are there any chances of the Digital Providers getting confused during the delivery hour? Or is this a necessity to release so many numbers of films every week? Are we taking Kannada Cinema in a right direction?

On these questions, Dayal replies and signs off “A Strict amendment must be passed by Film Chambers. Every film must get an equal chance. Like how it happens in Tamilnadu, actor Vishal has passed a strict rule where 3 to 4 Big and Small Tamil films will release per week. Similar rule must be passed here. We have requested the Film Chamber to take a note of it”.

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