“People will remember me as an Action-Packed Hero”: Sunny Deol

By Shaheen GowdaSep 1, 2018, 02:50 IST
“People will remember me as an Action-Packed Hero”: Sunny Deol

When he packs a Punch on the silver-screen, the crowd cheers ‘Paaji’ and whistles. In conversation with Sunny Deol as he speaks about his films, image and love while (YPD Phirr Se) Yamla Pagla Deewana Phirr Se opens world wide.

However, the second part of the film did not do well at the Box Office, Sunny still confidently talks about the third one by saying “It’s great to be back on YPD series. It’s a joy working with dad as I get to learn so much from him. We are aware that the second installment didn’t go well and then came the third one, this is a completely different story and we’re trying to bind two communities Punjab and Gujarat. Apart from that, the story is different. Dad has got a different role to enact“.

His last release Poster Boys was also a Comedy which was directed by Shreyas Talpade, which too didn’t do well. And before Poster Boys, Ghayal Once Again, which was an Action Film did pretty well at the Box Office. Sunny Deol has always been loved as the action hero, while he has entertained us in previous installments of YPD, when asked him how does he feel about doing comedy to which he said, “I am an actor and my work is to entertain my audience. Even if I am good at action films, I need to do comedy film. Basically I need to do film which my viewers would like“.

“People will remember me as an Action-Packed Hero”: Sunny Deol
Image Courtesy: Official Facebook Handle of Sunny Deol

But according to the Mathematics, his Action-Packed commercial films always strick a cord with viewers, Sunny replies “Maybe people see me and like me in an action film is maybe because none else can fit in that image. No matter if I do comedy or romance, people will remember me as an action-packed hero. So maybe I’ve created that image in the vision of viewers“.

What does Sunny Deol chooses in terms of Audience, Critics and Box-Office collections? Sunny sweetly replies “Well it doesn’t bother me in terms of collections or how many crores a film has made. For me the thing which bothers the most is opinions of viewers. Because it had happened numerous times that a film does great in terms of box-office collections, but collapses when it comes down to ratings and public opinions“.

And what does the Actor wants to do in terms of choosing a film or a role in future, Sunny signs off by saying “I am open to various roles but I think I am not offered romantic roles. Like Gadar was a romantic role, the entire base of the film was on romance, but people find me doing more action films and mouthing dialogues“.

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