Shama Sikander Talks About Crisis Management, Hopes, Inspirations And Life During Covid-19 Lockdown

By adminApr 8, 2020, 21:58 IST
Shama Sikander Talks About Crisis Management, Hopes, Inspirations And Life During Covid-19 Lockdown

A very well noted actress and extremely popular social media personality, Shama Sikander talks about her thoughts on lockdown, daily wagers, binge list, life, hopes, inspiration and a lot during this lockdown.

Shama was interacting with us exclusively over a telephonic interview.

We asked her about her current state of affair in lockdown and what’s her mind-set right now. She said, “I don’t think the management is difficult as people think it is. I think we think too much of anything but if we just stop thinking and start doing than it is not that difficult. And even in difficulty, whatever the mind is going through, it is understandable because you have not seen something like this before, it has not happened to you before so you are not ready for it. But you are actually ready for everything as a human being, we are made that way, the kind of personality we have, the kind of body, the kind brain that we have been given, it is quite adaptive. It can adapt to everything very quickly”
Shama Sikander Talks About Crisis Management, Hopes, Inspirations And Life During Covid-19 Lockdown“I have been doing pretty good and I have always been very positive. I give more energy to positivity but ofcourse sometimes negativity takes over and it is OK. you can overcome that with meditation. Going through depression and bipolar in the past has made me a lot more aware about my body,mind and vibrations and how you can actually use it for your benefit.”

With lockdown in place, celebrities have taken on a moral responsibility to keep their fans motivated with inspirational posts. So we how does she stays creative, motivated and inspired at this time?

Shama Sikander Talks About Crisis Management, Hopes, Inspirations And Life During Covid-19 LockdownShama said, “It is difficult at times, but you start thinking positive, and start being grateful for what you have still and stop thinking about what you don’t, you start taking each day like a normal day. Usually when I am on my normal day and I’m not shooting, I don’t prefer to go out much. I like to stay at home and be with myself. I like to spend my time with whoever I feel is totally and absolutely deserving of my time. So what happens is a lot of clutter moves away. Only a few people are there that I really feel like spending my time with. If its work also, I have so many people working around me but I somehow manage to keep my energy to myself. I don’t get myself involved into other people’s business and I don’t waste my energy on thinking what other people are doing in their live or what they think of me. No it is their business not mine So that energy is always saved within me. So in some way i was prepared for days like now from before !! There is a rebellion in your mind, when you are told not to do something, you want to do it even more. Everybody is going through the same. Why can’t I go out?” Its my right and thinking various thoughts like this!

“Lot of us don’t have proper homes to stay. In India 25-30 % of the people don’t have proper homes to sleep, they are sleeping on the roads. I feel extremely sad and sorry for them, and I keep thinking about what are they going to do!”
Lockdown has slowed down the economy and with almost all productions coming to a standstill, the daily wagers are going to be hit badly. So we asked her thoughts on the matter.

Shama Sikander Talks About Crisis Management, Hopes, Inspirations And Life During Covid-19 LockdownShe said, “yes that is true. But We will go through it. Just like how we have coped up with everything else in life, we will cope with this too. A lot of people are coming together and helping daily wagers and the needy ones in this time. There’s so much love and unity amongst all if us, we are all doing our bit to help people around us who needs help and that is so beautiful to see the whole humanity has come together i hope people now realize that this is all that matters. So It might take time, A lot of patience and mindfulness but we will go through it”

We asked Shama, if she wants to part with some message for her fans or public during these dire times. She said, “In my society, we have made a group where we are taking care of all the people who are living in the building, like the watchmen and other workers who cannot go out because of the lockdown. So we contribute for their food and their needs. Also we don’t want them to get affected. We have managed to do some arrangements for them. I have already paid my maids. I have given them paid leave. My driver, all the staff who was working for me, I have told them not to come home. Whatever in your surroundings, you can take care of. I really want to do something for the people on the road who have no mask to wear, who have no sanitizer, they don’t have water and soap to wash their hands. How are they going to survive?

I just saw posts of Mumbai police distributing sanitizer and masks to people. That is commendable and comforting. I would urge all the celebrities who have not contributed yet to come out and make a trust that can go to poor and the needy people’s help. This is the time we have to do something collective for them. I am so happy to see tje film industry supporting the daily workers like boys, light men n all daily wagers of our industry this is great news. Obviously the government is doing their job, at this moment rather than thinking what they are doing and they will do, it is every individual’s duty to help one another and especially the ones in need.”

Shama also shared some tips and little sneak-peek into her personal life and “I have been telling people if you want to write, if you are a writer, the ideas that have been popping in their minds, like I think very good, I am quite imaginative, but I am not a proper “writer”, i think so whenever i get any good idea i pen it down. I used to hate to write them before I don’t why i dislike writing so much!! I write one liners very well. I write posts very well.  So I am writing all of that now finally ”

“I am trying to do different types of exercises at home, how can you workout without a trainer. I never thought I will have to train at home so I don’t have many types of equipment at home. I am discovering new things. James made a skip rope for me by cutting a wire. So we are doing productive things at home. James is a very good piano player so he keeps playing piano. He composes and I enjoy, other than that, there are so many things that we can do. I like to act every day. I keep making my monologues and TikTok videos because it makes me feel that I am doing some work. I am not sitting still and not doing anything because that will push you towards depression and a very dark zone where you don’t want to go at this time.”

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