To be a part of Film Industry was my biggest dream: Dharmendra

By Shaheen GowdaSep 5, 2018, 06:43 IST
To be a part of Film Industry was my biggest dream: Dharmendra

The Star, the Legend, the actor Dharmendra reveals that he considers himself fortunate that he became a part of the industry and did not join it with the purpose of making money or fame. He says, his qualities of being romantic, witty and slightly naughty came in handy as these helped him in becoming what he is today.

To be a part of the industry was my biggest dream and Bollywood is one place where you are loved and admired the maximum. When I saw Dilip Kumar’s Shaheed in 1948, he straight away entered my heart and after that, I kept wondering that where do such good looking men and fairies live. I said to myself that I belong there and after that, it became an obsession to join the the industry. I did not go to any acting school and straight from a village, came to Bombay and joined the film industry“. says Dharmendra.

The very emotional actor admits that whenever he visits the studios, the walls remind him of his friends and the gone era and he says “I miss my people; I miss my colleagues. Whenever I go to studios, I only think of them. I have shared such wonderful moments with Mahmood, Johnny Walker and now, they are no more. They often appear in front of my eyes“.

To be a part of Film Industry was my biggest dream: Dharmendra

On the new breed of actors, Dharmendra sweetly says “They all are very good. Ranveer Singh is a very fine actor and he virtually lived the role in Padmaavat. His performance was so real that I saluted him. I could not see Dangal when it released in theatres as I was staying at my farm but after I saw the film at home, I cried. I think they are much better than us“.

And on the current Stardom race and on being in the Number 1 cycle, Dharmendra says “The actors of the current era now do it just to show things in front of the camera. If I were to go out today, I can manage so much of crowd that media won’t have space to park their cameras. But everything boils down to respecting their emotions. If you don’t reciprocate their feelings, it won’t seem good. It’s the media who made me what I am today. Some called me He-Man while others called me Garam Dharam. This was not my creation and neither I forced anyone to do it. These days, most look for those small little things to gain publicity. Now stardom has become a weekly affair“.

His latest released film Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se is not going up to the mark. On the pressure of an Actor or Producer the living legend says “My mother used to say to me that she often prays that no son in the world should become an actor. Actors die and live with every film. There is always tension involved when you make a film as many things are at stake. The tension is there but there is no fear“.

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