Learned A lot from Asrani And Shagufta Ali Says Neha Salhotra and Sanam Zeeya

By desk4Jul 19, 2019, 17:58 IST

Actress Neha Salhotra and Sanam Zeeya says they got to learn a lot from veteran actor Asrani and Shagufta Ali during the filming of Shaadi Ke Patasey.

Shaadi Ke Patasey – a modern day tale set on contemporary settings, stars an incredibly talented ensemble, including veteran Actor Asrani, Television bigwig Shagufta Ali, Arjun Manhas, Neha Salhotra and more.

During her recent media interaction Neha Salhotra talked about working with Asrani and Shagufta Ali in the film. She said, “Working with Asrani and Shagufta Ali has been amazing and learning experience. The entire way of walking, talking, acting and overall persona, and how to conduct yourself, I got to learn so much from such senior artists”

“We all know it, Asrani ji is a versatile actor. We got to work with him; I think it counts as a positive for us. I still remember, on the sets he was a through professional. He never used to waste time, he could come on sets and talk about the scene and perform. I still remember the moment which he shared with all of us, the new lot, he said he was slightly apprehensive that he will working with a bunch of newbie’s on the sets, but once he worked with the newer talent, he realized that we might be new but we are also established actors. So it is a huge compliment coming from such a senior actor”

Adding to it Sanam Zeeya says, “With the grace of god, my journey in this industry has been great and people have appreciated my work. i have done 3 movies with Shahid Kazmi and I think he is a great director”.

Telling about her experience of working with senior Bollywood actors, Sanam says, “Veteran actor Asrani has a great personality and i feel proud that i have done a movie with him. My very first scene on the sets was with Asrani and senior actress Shagufta Ali and I was so nervous but we did the scene in one take.”

The forthcoming drama is helmed by Shahid Kazmi and Produced by Sajad khaki and Shahid Kazmi. The film also stars Sanam Zeeya, Rani Bhan, Hussein Khan, Mushtaq Ali, Tariq Imtyaz and Mona Bhan.

The film is slated for 19th July 2019 release.

Learned A lot from Asrani And Shagufta Ali Says Neha Salhotra and Sanam Zeeya

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