Film – Mere Pyare Prime Minister Review

By Shaheen GowdaMar 16, 2019, 16:00 IST
Film – Mere Pyare Prime Minister Review

Film – Mere Pyare Prime Minister

Cast – Anjali Patil, Om Kanojia, Nitish Wadhwa

Directed – Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

Survival-Adventure of a slum-dweller, the movie has shades and depth and keep your tissue handy, as you will break into tears! The narrative is gripping and the blatant social inequality and injustice is told with a straight face, without any subtle jabs! The film hits you and hits you hard!

One particular scene where Kanhu and his gang is sitting and glaring at the Mumbai skyscrapers, wondering how many toilets there must be in every building, while there are none in the entire chawl, makes you want to think about social inequality.

Kanhu is a little boy with handful means of survival, and his resolve to build a toilet in the slums for his mother so that she never needs to fear predatory assaults in the middle of the night.

Set in slums of Mumbai, where life has the same meaning with but different tools, Kanhu, a hearty little fireball, often sells newspapers at traffic lights while distributing condoms to grownups, and does random jobs to earn a few bucks. His mother does embroidery work to support herself and her only child.

Kanhu’s mother (Sargam – Anjali Patil) nightly visit outdoors to relieve herself takes a nasty turn and their lives fall apart!

Watching her mother beaten, bruised and broken, the little boy decides to make a toilet for her mother. His first few attempts at building a makeshift loo are short-lived and end in a sludgy mess.

Film – Mere Pyare Prime Minister Review

Finally he discovers the real person, who can help him, Indian Prime Minister. And just like that, Kanhu and his two mates, Ringtone (Adarsh Bharti) and Nirala (Prasad), don their finest jackets and ride the train to Delhi to deliver a letter requesting the Prime Minister for a toilet.

The fourth of their gang, Mangla (Syna Anand), is back in Mumbai providing support.

This adventure introduces an array of characters, ranging from a friendly neighbor Rabiya (Rasika Agashe), opportunistic letches like Sainath (Makrand Deshpande), and a gentle young man, Pappu (Niteesh Wadhwa), who cautiously courts Sargam.

Whether he finally meets PM in Delhi and the budding romance of Sargam and local book-seller reaches an end or not, for that you need to watch the film!

The film is about hope and struggle, which is so real for so many!

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