Sujoy Ghosh is one of the coolest directors I have worked with, have high regards for him, says Harish Khanna

By desk4Jul 24, 2019, 17:50 IST

Sujoy Ghosh is one of the coolest directors I have worked with,  have high regards for him, says Harish Khanna

Actor Harish Khanna who recently featured in a Netflix web series titled ‘Typewriter’, has said that Sujoy Ghosh who is director of horror-thriller web series is one of the coolest directors to work with and he really gives space and respects to his actors.

Sharing his experience working with director Sujoy Ghosh in ‘Typewriter’, Harish said, “I am privileged to work with so many great directors like Vishal ji in ‘7 khoon Maaf’, Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, Michael Winterbottom in ‘Trishna’ and ‘Wedding guest’, Mira Nair in ‘Gods room( Words with God)’, Leena Yadav in ‘Rajma Chawal’, Ashiq Abu in ‘Rani Padmini’, and many more( critically acclaimed films) I am among  the fortunate actors who had a chance to work with masters in Cinema and they are really open to take ideas from actors and give lot of freedom. I am Thankful to almighty. and now I got chance to work with one of my favorite and another master of thriller director with whom I always had a desire to work with and my dream project came through web series ‘Typewriter’ on Netflix. I am thankful to Sujoy Da for giving me a very challenging part of Moses. Sujoy Da is one of the most Jovial, calm and cool person on the sets. He gives lot of liberty and space to his actor to perform best of their abilities. He really respects his actors and I have never seen him getting angry on actors.”

‘Typewriter’ is set in Goa, and it revolves around a haunted house and a book named ‘The Ghost of Sultanpur’ that captures the imagination of a group of Kids who wannabe ghost hunters. When a new family moves in and the legend of the villa resurfaces. Sudden deaths, past of Sultanpur and supernatural powers form the storyline of the web series.

Harish Khanna has played role of Moses in ‘Typewriter’, talking about his character in ‘Typewriter’ Harish said, “My character is like a narrator of show as well as a part of the story. It is quite complexed character with multiple layers who knows a lot about ‘Ghost of Sultanpur’ and about Fakeer. Initially, my character comes across as a dangerous guy but slowly he becomes friend with kids and he tells them stories about ‘Ghost of Sultanpur and help them in their mission of ghost hunt. Moses is a loner, skeptical and cynical in the show always staying a alone in a ferry. The only clue Sujoy da gave me was of Benjamin from ‘Animal farm’ and then my research started for the characterization and I want to thank Nirmal Das one of most talented actor who lately suffered from schizophrenia.  I did spend some time with him long time back before he was out of sight 4-5 years ago. It was a long association that helped in the journey of Moses. We don’t know where he is, l really owe him a lot. ( Thanks Nirmal we all love you and miss you). I am really thankful to the whole team of Typewriter whole cast and crew. Thanks Sujoy Da and Thanks Netflix India. Had great time shooting Typewriter. 3hours everyday to get a look of Moses thanks Simone who hails from London, it was like meditation.”

Talking about his upcoming projects, Harish said, “I am also doing four independent films. There is a film called ‘Tathagat’ in which I am playing a lead role and it is directed by Manav Kaul.  I am also doing a film called ‘12×12’ which is directed by Gaurav Bhatia. There is another film called ‘The colour of loss or blue’ which is directed by Akash Bhatia and ‘Aisey Hee’ is directed by Kislay.  All the movies have great content and I am playing main roles. I am also reading few more scripts.”

Harish Khanna is a visiting faculty in NSD and is been trained at NSD in 1993 as an actor and ‘Royal central school of speech and drama’ London UK.

‘Typewriter’ premiered on Netflix on 19 July 2019.


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