Akshara Gowda to make Sandalwood debut!

By Shaheen GowdaSep 19, 2018, 04:02 IST
Akshara Gowda to make Sandalwood debut!

Tamil actress Akshara Gowda will finally make her Sandalwood debut with none other but Yograj Bhat. The actress who has been waiting to make her Kannada debut for the last couple of years, will finally debut in Yogaraj Bhat’s Panchatantra.

She was initially considered for Premadalli, the shooting of which had stopped midway for the reason best known to the makers.

However, Akshara has completed the shoot for Panchatantra in which she shares screen space with Vihaan and Sonal Monteiro. The actress reportedly plays the role of a tomboy in the film who has grown up with five boys.

Sources informed, Akshara is also shuttling between Mumbai and Bengaluru and speculations are at rise that she is eyeing a Bollywood project as well.

Akshara Gowda spent almost her whole life in Bengaluru. But as her luck demanded, she started her acting career in the Tamil film Uyarthiru 420 and later made her mark there.

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