Brain-Storming Ideas To Create A Course For Budding Content Creators Says Gazal Garg 

By Biz BalkaniJan 5, 2021, 17:33 IST
Brain-Storming Ideas To Create A Course For Budding Content Creators Says Gazal Garg

Road Less Travelled is something people often talk about, but Gazal is someone who has not just travelled the road, but created a whole new path for herself. 

Most dream of living a life which offers varied experiences, exotic tales and some of the most sublime and breath-taking visuals, Gazal has done it all! An avid traveller, vlogger, influencer and a complete wandered soul! 

Gazal had a great job as a strategy consultant in a big firm in the Middle-East, a shot at MBA which would have led to a safe and rewarding corporate job, but her dreams were bigger and more passionate. She loves travelling and one fine day, she decided to live her dream life. 

“I grew up watching TLC and wanting to be like Samantha Brown and Anthony Bourdain. I love travelling, meeting new people, immersing myself in new cultures. The world has so much beauty, and I want to experience as much of it, as I can!” says  Gazal.  

With dreams in her eyes and thrill to live what the world has to offer, she has mapped most of “guided tours” along with exploring trails, paths, locations and people, which are rarely mentioned in travel guides.

After covering the main attractions in India, she has explored the depths of the sea in Philippines having dived with wild sharks, the sun-kissed pristine beaches of Cyprus, elegant London and Belgium, the vast fields of Ireland on a bicycle, or the interesting mix of the old and new that Turkey provides.

“As I’m carving a niche for myself, I have discovered a love for film making along with travelling and I hope to create a course that would include my learnings in this field that can be of help to all budding content creators” said Gazal, talking about her future plans. 

She runs her own YouTube channel, which is filled with her travel videos, social media filled with fans, eagerly waiting for their next travel and fashion fix. She is making content that isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful and empowering for her audience. 

She hopes to work with conscious brands with a cause, or in her words “brands that make money by doing good things for people and the world” like Doodlage, Skillshare, Squarespace, Google, House of Sunny to name a few.


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