Paddehuli will portray Shreyas as Vishnuvardhan’s Fan!

By Shaheen GowdaSep 19, 2018, 03:46 IST
Paddehuli will portray Shreyas as Vishnuvardhan’s Fan!

Dr Vishnuvardhan will bbe always remembered for his amazing acting talent and his great films. He passed away almost a decade back, but he has been kept alive by his fans and filmmakers of the Kannada film industry.

In the past decade, we have witnessed many Kannada films dedicated to Vishnuvardan and paying him homage.

To carry forward this trend is Shreyas Manju, son of star producer K Manju who will be seen as a fan of Vishnuvardhan in his debut film “Paddehuli”. In real life, Shreyas was a neighbor of Vishnuvardhan and was very close to him. His father, K Manju had produced many of Vishnuvardhan’s films.

In Guru Deshpande’s directorial action film, Shreyas plays the role of Vishnuvardhan’s fan. The makers have decided to dedicate a song and the lyrics of which have been written by Karthik. The song to the legend was released on September 18 which happened to be Vishnuvardhan’s birthday.

Paddehuli has Nishvika Naidu playing the female lead along with Ravichandran and Sudharani making a comeback together after 25 years.

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