Sara Vs Janhvi – Is it PR vs Hard Work?

By adminJan 22, 2019, 13:09 IST
Sara Vs Janhvi – Is it PR vs Hard Work?

Debuting with a tragic love story and bagging a solo biopic and a massive ensemble starrer mega movie, actress Janhvi Kapoor proves her acting prowess and sheer talent with hard work, dedication, and finesse, rather than relying on mere tittle-tattle or PR driven gimmick.
Nowadays PR companies which handle some stars and star kids get so much obsessed by their PR work that they do stories without any reason just to keep their clients in news. For example in last few weeks lot of comparison stories have surfaced between Jhanvi and Sara who themselves do not have any competition with each other.

Sara Vs Janhvi – Is it PR vs Hard Work?

Janhvi Kapoor’s talent covers a wide spectrum of subjects, rather than being just a pretty face in masala movies, she made history with her first release and now bagged a solo movie, a biopic, which takes established actor’s years before they commit to such biographical dramas.
Contrary to the weak and lame PR Stories, Janhvi is focused and thinks that her work should speak more than stories without a reason. The young actress is clear that the work she does will take her ahead and not PR.

She has been following her mother’s footsteps and her advice to work hard. She is humbled about the fact that the paparazzi likes to click her and has always responded to them with a smile but doesn’t really get into the stories that are being fed to the media.
While her contemporaries are struggling for new projects, Janhvi has Air Force pilot Gunjan Saxena’s biopic where she plays a central character along with Karan Johar’s magnum Opus Takht where she is reportedly playing Hira Bai.

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