Shweta Pal, an inspiring and emerging face in the world of fitness

By Biz BalkaniMay 6, 2020, 12:53 IST
Shweta Pal, an inspiring and emerging face in the world of fitness

Stylish and driven, fitness savant Shweta Pal shed some light on body workout amid lockdown and shares simple tricks to keep your mind, body, and holistic well-being.

With Lockdown in place due to Covid-19, it’s hard to keep energy levels, physical and mental, positive and high. Fitness expert, Shweta Pal is a known name among iron-heads and health conscious folks. She is massively popular on social media and keeps sharing simple tricks and tips for fans to keep maintain their health and positivity during these dire times.

Talking about simple workout routine for fans during lockdown, Shweta Pal said, “Set a routine, keep it simple and follow it! Being a fitness enthusiast I try to work on all my body parts right from the starting of the week. Monday is quite a tough day of the week, so I usually do Arms and Biceps then on Tuesday-Chest and triceps, Wednesday-Back, Thursday-Cardio and abs, Friday-Shoulders then on Saturday-Legs. People usually skips legs day but I love doing legs. Then on Sunday I rest completely. This is all how it goes”

Setting a routine is the first step and to get results from your work-out, Shweta has cracked the code for it as well.
She added, “If you just do cardio, it will not get you 100% results. Have patience and faith for the best results. I know no one hits the gym hoping for results, they want the results, that to be 100% with every rep, run and sweat. But only patience and determination and consistency are the key”

Shedding some light on misconception related with weight training, especially among women, Shweta said, “There’s a general misconception among women that strength and weight training will make them bulky. But the truth is-it won’t! What it’ll do is strengthen and tone your muscles and give you appropriate definition. Strength training also increases your metabolism and fat burning capacity. And other common mistakes I’ve found till yet are people don’t consult a trainer, poor form, neglecting diet”

Shweta Pal has emerged as one of the leading names in fitness world, especially on social media, with her videos, posts, tips and tricks, hitting all the right notes with fans.

Workout is one thing but eating right and proper is also crucial, including your cheat days. Sharing little insight into her diet especially during lockdown, Shweta added, “I try to eat healthy on weekdays and weekends cheat meals really helps me to get more motivated. On a regular day I usually have my breakfast with skimmed milk, oats and dry fruits I prefer eating in short breaks, then in lunch regular meals Roti, Salad, Daal, Rice and in the dinner after my workout I usually have eggs and boiled vegetables. That’s all about me

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