Swapnil Aggarwal is perfect example of focus, ability and talent

By Biz BalkaniFeb 2, 2021, 16:44 IST
Swapnil Aggarwal is perfect example of focus, ability and talent
Director of VSRK Wealth Creator, Mr. Swapnil Aggarwal is perfect example of focus, ability and talent. He manages some of the biggest giants in Entertainment sector; he is one of the most sought after entrepreneur, who manages portfolios worth 3500 Crores.

Young and Ambitious entrepreneur Swapnil Aggarwal who spread-heads one of the biggest and most prominent wealth management company, VSRK Wealth Creators, believes that it is the budget that fails, not the projects.

Sharp eye for details, a keen business sense and immaculate dealings, has turned a young movie buff, Swapnil, into a force to reckon with; he alone manages biggest productions houses, music giants, celebrities and high profile portfolios at such a young age.

Sharing his interest in entertainment sector, Swapnil said, “Been a movie buff ever since childhood, and with proper education and exposure, I tried my hands at managing wealth for big fishes. I am happy with my success and now I plan to diversify more into entertainment sector”. 

Further adding, Swapnil expressed that entertainment sector, despite hailed as artistic in nature, and is ruled by financial returns. 

 “I am planning to diversify into entertainment sector. It has untapped potential. With years of experience, it is my understanding that projects don’t fail, it’s the budget that fails. Artistic creation has to be budget bound, it is really crucial to get back on your investment and I have plans to introduce a whole new strategy with clients. I even plan to back aspiring artistes with proper financial backing and exposure” added Swapnil.

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