Ananthu V/S Nusrath teaser is enchanting!

By Shaheen GowdaSep 13, 2018, 03:43 IST
Ananthu V/S Nusrath teaser is enchanting!

A very enchanting teaser of Ananthu V/S Nusrath was released recently which stars Vinay Rajkumar and Latha Hegde in the lead. The teaser is slowly catching attention all over social media especially for Vinay Rajkumar’s looks and his lovely performance glimpse.

Director Sudheer Shanbhogue comes up with an interesting teaser for his upcoming directorial debut where Vinay Rajkumar plays the role of lawyer Anantha Krishna and the role of Latha Hegde has been kept under-wraps! The film is being produced under the banner of Manikya Productions and also stars Ravi Shankar, Guru Prasad, B Suresh, Shuchindra Prasad Naveen D Paddle.

Ananthu V/S Nusrath has music by Sunaad Goutham and Abhishek Kasargod handles the cinematography of the film.

The film’s teaser also hints for an interesting love story between lawyer Ananthu and judge Nusrath, which has been layered with an interesting line-up of characters and circumstances.

We leave you with the film’s official teaser and wishes the entire team loads of success:

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