Taarakaasura Trailer packs a solid punch!

By Shaheen GowdaOct 26, 2018, 02:09 IST
Taarakaasura Trailer packs a solid punch!
Chandrashekhar Bandiyappa unfolds the untold story about Rattle-Drum Act (Ritual of Budubudike) in Taarakasura Trailer.
The movie has debutant Vybhav and Manvitha Harish in the lead roles. This is Chandrashekhar Bandiyappa’s 2nd Venture after Rathavara. First 40 seconds of the trailer seems like it’s a normal commercial drama which we see often. On the other hand, the real story begins when Danny Sapani comes on screen, He changed the gear of the trailer with a massy line of dialogue.
Chandrashekhar Bandiyappa shows once again that why he is the specialist in telling the stories of rituals which we had seen in his first venture Rathavara.
Now, He has come up with one more untold story of the Rattle-Drum (Budubudike) A fading folk culture. The culture is known in Maharashtra and most part of the villages across Karnataka.
Vybhav looked intense when he comes in 2nd half of the trailer where he will be part of the rituals of that culture and he portrayed it really well, His act was supported with swift BGM and sound of rattle-drums.
From the trailer we got a pointer that The director is going to tell us an untold story of  the demon Taarakaasura and his practices to get the power which he wants.
Get ready to witness yet another Action & Thriller Drama.

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