Trailer of Jeerjimbe is uninteresting!

By Shaheen GowdaNov 3, 2018, 01:21 IST
Trailer of Jeerjimbe is uninteresting!

Jeerjimbe is a yet-another Girl-Child film which talks about the suppression a young girl child goes through and the Freedom she is looking for. To be really honest, we have seen loads of these attempts in the past in various other languages.

I am not trying to be comparative here, but when we talk about a Girl getting married under 15 in the state of Karnataka, i think the makers must do a little more home-work before touching a subject. In Surat (Gujarat), they get a Girl marry at the age of 11 and 12. No! I am not being a ‘State-Racial’ as well, but this problem exits nation wide.

To cut my question short and healthy? What is ‘New’ you are trying to show? Bicycle? Child-Marriage? Suppression of a Girl-Child? How a Girl-Child fights the Evil Practice? How a woman or a Girl-Child must take a ‘Stand’? Exactly what?

The Trailer has ‘Appreciations of Leafs’ from various Film Festivals marked over it. Film Festivals ‘Mostly’ depend on ‘Sub-Titles’. If your Sub Titles are strong, half the battle is won at the Non-Indian language speaking Film Festivals.

Commercially speaking, Film Festival appreciated films are mostly non-starters at the Box Office. No, i am not degrading any film here! May Jeerjimbe wins every heart all around the globe.

Jeerjimbe is written and directed by Karthik Saragur and its Presented and produced by Bee Hive Productions and Pushkara Mallikarjunaiah.

Important Clarification: There would be many eminent personalities who might appreciate the Trailer and Tweet about it. To all of them, my Laughter with flowers!

PS: I am all ready for every slandering and abuses (For my Honest Opinion) on my Social Media. Lol.

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