Watch the Hollywood style ‘Mahira’ teaser!

By Shaheen GowdaNov 6, 2018, 16:38 IST
Watch the Hollywood style ‘Mahira’ teaser!

Director Mahesh Gowda comes up with an International standard looking film which is titled Mahira. The First Look and the Teaser which stars namma most talented Raj B Shetty will give you a feel of a Hollywood Film.

Mahira, as far as the story goes, looks like a Mystery cum Whodunnit thriller with lots of twist and turn with some Action attached to it.

Mahesh Gowda succeeds in making your eyes glued to the screen until the Teaser doesn’t get over. Special mention to the camera work by Keertan Poojari which is the plus side of the teaser.

Mahira stars Virginia Rodrigues, Raj B Shetty, Chaithra Jagadish, Balaji Manohar, Gopal Krishna Deshpande, K P Sridhar, Babu Hirannaiah, Apoorva Som, Shaukat Ali. The film is produced by Vivek Kodappa & Friends.

We leave you with the lovely teaser of Mahira and wish the team loads of success:

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