#MeToo Sruthi Hariharan questioned on her Arjun Sarja allegations

By Shaheen GowdaOct 22, 2018, 12:25 IST
#MeToo Sruthi Hariharan questioned on her Arjun Sarja allegations

Sruthi Hariharan made allegations against South India star Arjun Sarja led to a high-voltage press conference in Bengaluru on Sunday. Addressing the press conference in Bengaluru, Sruthi was faced with a huge number  of questions from reporters starting from “why didn’t you come forward earlier?”, to “what is the difference between a good and bad touch?”

She gracefully replied “This is not about whether a particular incident happened or not. People in a position of power are abusing it. People who are superstars are taking advantage of those who are vulnerable. That is wrong; whatever industry it is, it is wrong. We need an active Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) to specifically address sexual harassment cases in the Kannada film industry.”

The actress raised an allegation against veteran actor Arjun Sarja that he had run his hand down her back inappropriately while rehearsing for a scene in the bilingual film Vismaya.

Sruthi was joined by members of Film Industry For Rights and Equality (FIRE).

Meanwhile, actor Prakash Raj stands in the support of Sruthi Hariharan and actor Arjun Sarja plans to file a defamation case against Sruthi, as per sources and reports.

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