Bobby Brown’s past with Janet Jackson

By Shaheen GowdaSep 6, 2018, 20:48 IST
Bobby Brown’s past with Janet Jackson

The premiere of Part 1 of BET’s “The Bobby Brown Story” had enough amount of Sex, Drugs and R&B. And you have to believe us here!

Based on Brown’s 2016 memoir, “Every Little Step,” picks up where the network’s New Edition 2017 miniseries left off in Brown’s life when the group’s resident bad boy was kicked out of the group in the mid 80s. Be it his romance with Whitney Houston or Janet Jackson or drug use, the biopic gives viewers a gritty look at the lifestyle of the performer.

Bobby Brown’s past with Janet Jackson

In an important scene, Brown (Woody McClain) shows up to Jackson’s (Cree Davis) house with a car wrapped in a bow. And, she tells him to keep things discreet, but the two later share a passionate night together in a hotel room. Wow! That was a good one.

Early in the biopic, Bobby Brown’s mother Carole (Sandi McCree) confronts him when she finds out he is selling drugs, telling him that his family worked hard and gave up everything so that his life would turn out good. Brown turns the tables on his mother, however, when he tells her that he knows that she used to sell drugs.

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