Coconut Oil enhances Immunity

By editorkannada BalkaniJul 8, 2020, 21:30 IST
Coconut Oil enhances Immunity

For a long time, Coconut oil has been used for cooking in Indian households for cooking. Today's generation usually uses coconut oil for beauty enhancement.  But, it also has health benefits.

Because of the use of cold pressing techniques to extract virgin coconut oil, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil acts as a natural immunity booster with good taste and aroma.  Let's see how coconut oil enhances our immunity.

1) Coconut oil is mainly made up of Medium Chain Fatty Acid (MCFA) lauric acid, caprylic acid, and capric acid, which together increase body immunity.  Loric acid and its monoglyceride extracts help to destroy a variety of lipid-coated bacteria by dividing lipid membranes.  Monolaurin acts as an anti-virus that dissolves the surrounding protective lipids.  This protects the body from the effects of the virus 

2) At the time of the Covid19 pandemic, according to a guideline recently released by the AYUSH Ministry of Medicine, practicing the Oil Pulling technique increases immunity.  This method included leaving a tablespoon of coconut oil inside the mouth for about 5 minutes.  Using cold-pressed virgin coconut oil for this technique helps eliminate bacteria in the mouth which helps to improve overall health and increases immunity.

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