Consume Immunity Booster Juice  Every Day

By editorkannada BalkaniJul 7, 2020, 12:42 IST
Consume Immunity Booster Juice  Every Day

To stay healthy, consuming right and nutritious foods is essential.  Eating more vegetables or ingredients that boost immunity will help to fight against the Covid19 pandemic.  Consume this  Immunity Booster Juice made of Beetroot, apple, and carrot.
It has anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties that build strong immunity.  In addition to being delicious, it also reduces the risk of diseases.  Learn how to make this Immunity Juice.

Requires  Ingredients: -
1) Finely chopped Beet Root: - 1
2) finely chopped carrot: - 3/4
3) finely chopped apple: -1
4) Lemon juice: - 1/2 tsp
5) Salt according to taste
6) 1/2 cup of water

Preparation  Method:- First, add beetroot, carrot, and apple to a mixer or grinder. Grind it a little.  Then add water to it and grind well once again. Strain the juice with a strainer, now the immunity booster juice is ready. Add a pinch of salt and lemon juice and ice cubes to it.. and enjoy the juice.

*) Benefits of Beet Root: - Beetroot is rich in vitamin, calcium, iron, anti-oxidant, hence it increases immunity.

*) Benefits of Apples: - The nutrients in apple enhance the power to fight diseases.

*) Benefits of Lemon:- The anti-oxidant properties in it help boost the body's immunity.  It also helps indigestion.

*) Benefits of Carrot:- Carrots have vitamin, calcium, iron, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial properties.  Consuming juice prepared from it reduces the risk of getting infected to diseases.

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