Dry Fruits Energy Drink 

By editorenglish BalkaniFri, 10 Jul 2020
Dry Fruits Energy Drink

It is important to increase our body's immunity during this time.  If you are bored drinking the same kind of tea and fruit juice I to increase immunity. Try this dry fruits energy drink ..

Required Ingredients:-

1) 10 gm cashews soaked

2) 10 gm almonds soaked

3) 10 gm walnut soaked

4) 15 gm pistachios soaked

5) 10 gm raisins soaked

6) 15 gm soaked dry fig/ anjeer soaked

7) 3 to 4 pitted dates chopped

8) 1 tbsp honey organic

Method of Predation:- Firstly soak all the dry fruit & nuts for 20 mins. Then take a blender jar and add the soaked cashews, almonds, walnuts, and pistachios along with soaked water.

Further add raisins, soaked anjeer, and chopped pitted dates. Blend this to a smooth, fine paste. Add little water if needed while grinding.

Next transfer the blended paste to a bowl. Additionally, add organic honey and give a good mix
Then transfer this to a glass jar. 

Now the nutritious and protein-rich Immunity Boosting Drink is ready to serve! Enjoy this amazing healthy shake as a morning drink or at evening

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