Motion Posters are the latest trend in Sandalwood!

By Shaheen GowdaSep 27, 2018, 10:22 IST
Motion Posters are the latest trend in Sandalwood!

Nowadays, it’s First Look ‘Motion Posters’ that are making heavy noise in namma Sandalwood. The first look motion poster has become such a trend that every maker and every actor wants to adopt it!

And most of these first look motion posters are getting successful in maintaining the curiosity levels of Fans in every way. We are sure you are very well aware of the curiosity level of the release of these first look motion posters, Be it Jayaram Karthik-Naveen Krishna starrer Puta 109, Kiccha Sudeep’s Pailwaan or the latest Darshan’s Yajamana motion poster release!

More recently, namma Challenging Star Darshan’s Yajamana motion poster first look is the talk of the social media which is trending more than one expected.

The stylish trend the above movie’s motion poster generated, the makers and the actors have believed this to be the latest ‘In-Trend’ fashion for Kannada Film Industry.

Several other Kannada Film makers too, are coming up with same-yet different motion poster patterns and the Publicity Designers automatically have aroused in demand.


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