Big savings on groceries made easy, thanks to bigbasket!

By Biz BalkaniUpdated: Aug 26, 2021, 14:46 IST

Here’s how India’s Largest Online Supermarket - bigbasket offers big savings on the widest range of groceries


For close to a decade, bigbasket has been a pioneer in online grocery and has served over 10 million happy customers in over 25 cities in the country. Currently, bigbasket offers low prices everyday on over 30,000 products across categories ranging from fruits, vegetables, staples to packaged foods, personal care and home care. Here is a look at how bigbasket manages to offer big savings while maintaining highest standards in product quality.

#1 85% of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables are Sourced Directly from 20,000+ Farmers


bigbasket works closely with over 20,000 Indian farmers and source fresh fruits & vegetables directly from them. Once the produce is deposited at one of bigbasket’s collection centers, it is handpicked, sorted and moved to bigbasket warehouses where it is cleaned and packed for delivery. Since most of the produce is sourced directly by bigbasket, any additional costs are minimised and thus bigbasket can deliver farm fresh fruits & vegetables at low prices.

#2 Work Directly with Brands

As India’s largest online supermarket, bigbasket also works directly with over 1000 brands and sources directly from company certified distributors. bigbasket negotiates prices of products directly with the brands and are able to get volume discounts from brands since they stock and sell huge volumes. By directly dealing with the brands, not only are they able to get products at low prices, they also eliminate any middle-men or added costs. These discounts are passed on to customers by offering branded foods and other products at less than MRP.

# 3 Curating Quality Products through Own Brands

From cooking needs like rice, atta & pastas to home care essentials like household cleaners, paper products and more, bigbasket offers a wide range of products under its own brands that are carefully curated based on extensive research and by understanding the needs of the customers. Thus, the entire production & sourcing process is optimised and thereby allowing bigbasket to offer premium quality products at low prices.

# 4 Using Tech to serve customers better

bigbasket has invested in futuristic tech that helps them optimise their operations so that they can serve their customers better while keeping the costs in check. This tech-first mindset enables them to plan their inventories, warehouse space so well that they manage an average fill rate of 99% while maintaining almost a zero wastage. Minimal wastage and optimised space means no additional costs.

Since the beginning, bigbasket has focussed on building a supply network & processes that are unmatched in the online grocery industry. In order to achieve this, they have established facilities across the country such as over 60 collection centers, over 100 warehouses, a delivery fleet with over 8000 vehicles and employed over 30,000 people across their facilities. At every step, bigbasket’s state-of-the-art supply network helps optimise every part of the operations. This enables them to utilise their warehouse space & plan delivery routes optimally so that orders are delivered efficiently and keep their costs to a minimum and this in turn helps in maintaining a healthy margin without adding any unnecessary or additional costs. 

# 5 Strategic Partnerships for Additional Savings

bigbasket works closely with major banks, banking institutes and digital wallets.  Through these partnerships, they offer additional savings on orders with exclusive discounts, cashback and more.

Download bigbasket app or log on to now to explore the wide range of groceries and save big on your next order.

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