Boost your energy and outstand the tasks with Juzzy ,Juzzy is entering the Indian market soon.

By Biz BalkaniUpdated: Sep 22, 2021, 10:55 IST
The first energy drink launched in India was RedBull back in 2003, and that paved the way for all soft drink companies to launch their own energy drink brand like coca-cola, Pepsi. The Indian market in terms of energy drink has reached to 37.14 million USD, and is expected to climb upto 45 million USD by 2025. The market size of energy drink is growing at a rate of 20-25 percent every year.

According to the Euromonitor International, with changing lifestyle and increasing paucity of time, urban consumers are relying on energy drinks to cope up with their fast paced lifestyle. Another one is on the list that would be soon launched in India hailing from German tradition.juzzy

Juzzy is an energy drink brand that was first started in European University back in 2012 as a part of the University project. Soon it became available in the European Market with Germany as the major one. It was available in shops like Edaka, Rewe and Schlecker along with bars and clubs, as one of the healthy alternatives to alcohol.

The brand believes in contributing towards the environment through little changes in the manner it operates. Like, it has taken two things into consideration, reducing the transport fuss, and making use of waste materials, also called recycling. Reduced transport will facilitate minimized ecological footprints, and we already know that many advantages of recycling.

The contribution that juzzy wants to make towards the service is the satisfaction of consumption, and balancing the healthy moments with the perfect amount of joy that comes from delectable consumption.

Juzzy is an energy drink that comes in lemonade flavor. Further, this lemonade comes in three flavors:

Orange that comes with the juice of orange

Pink that comes with the juice of watermelon

Purple that comes with the juice of passionfruit

Unlike other energy drinks, Juzzy comes with real natural juices, and every can has  real juice in it. The manufacturing and processing is all done in Germany which makes it a 100 percent ‘Made in Germany’ product. The other ingredients in the juice include Taurine which is an amino acid naturally occurring in the body, Caffeine that accelerates responsiveness, and Pantothenic acid that dismantles the process of carbohydrates. The other peripheral ingredients include water, sugar and the other beverage materials.

What’s up with sustainability?

The juice cans are made from 100 percent aluminium that can be recycled and reused multiple times. They are highly preferred than plastic. The juices are made in Germany and packed in Europe.


The durability of the product goes up to 2 years as it is pasteurized at a temperature of 72 degree Celsius.

So, there is not much to waste the fuel on, just plan your way to try it for the first time and stick to it for forever.

Juzzy is here to bring a change in the flavors and create a perception that is long-lived.

Energy drink is a very popular source of beverage in India. With Juzzy this popularity can be suited better with the need. Looking at the sustainability and premium quality, this could turn out to be a very preferable item amongst the audience that is most likely to spend generously.

The thing is that we are anyway going to consume an energy drink, but if we are able to find something more health and environment friendly, it will complement the occasion better. Since, the manufacturing is done in Germany and Europe, the quality assurance is high.

Overall, the spending should always be found reasonable, and spending on this suits the occasion.

Get the energy that serves all the purposes!

We have to wait till Juzzy launch the brand in the Indian market. We are also looking forward for their business strategy. Through our sources, it is ascertained that they have a target of 12 crore can sales in the very first year.

Will the very first year of Juzzy in the Indian market make the young generation feel amazed about it?

Will juzzy be able to serve the desirable taste?

Luckily, all questions would be answered soon.

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